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Team Building & Mindfulness

In addition to offering our award-winning 1-2-1 and pairs green woodworking experiences in the cottage gardens of our Blended Monkey studios on the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk border, we also offer group experiences here or can take our green woodworking equipment to events, venues, education centres and businesses where groups can enjoy the various disciplines of green woodworking.


Although best enjoyed outside, perhaps under a tarp or marquee in case it rains, the event can also be held in a classroom, exhibition room or any large space. The photos below show the experience both in outdoor and indoor settings. We can also host here in our dedicated covered outdoor green woodworking space.


Offering a GREEN WOODWORKING day is a great way to destress your employees and the perfect team-building exercise too. The event can be structured over several days with different groups of up to 6 people enjoying the experience on each day. Everyone gets the opportunity to learn the techniques and how to use the equipment for green woodworking - each person will have created something by the end of the day and, ultimately, had a destressing, calm and creative experience.

Your employee will learn how to take a log of green wood and trim it with an axe using safe techniques. They will then pare it to a smoother cylinder by means of a shave horse and a draw knife in readiness for “turning” on the pole lathe … depending on time constraints and skill level, the employee will end up turning their piece into an item of choice (mushroom, garden dibber, rolling pin ...). However, the focus of the team-building & mindfulness group workshop is to understand the processes involved at each equipment station and to enjoy what they are doing in a RELAXED and "MINDFUL" manner.

If you bring your team to us here in the Blended Monkey studios, we will provide refreshments throughout the day and also lunch (which can be taken outside in the Blended Monkey gardens or inside in our large kitchen dining space).

​Send us an e-mail or call us on 07417 522366 for more information or to discuss the requirements for your team.

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