Each of these circular pendants has been handturned by Simon. Choose between the beautiful natural pattern of the wood or a pendant that has also been provided with a pyrographed design.

No two necklaces are alike.


They are lightweight and easy to wear. The pendants are provided on a leather thong chain with a handy length-adjustable silver fastener. 

Each one is approx. 50 mm in diameter and about 3 mm thick.

Woodturned necklace

SKU: necklace2
  • The item will be sent out to you cosily wrapped to keep it safe during transit. If you'd like to have it wrapped as a gift too, then just drop us a line and we'll make it look special for you. We can also provide a gift tag / note if required.

  • he wood Simon uses is reclaimed or from sustainable sources. All items are either oil or wax finished and, where specified, are food-safe.