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The Taggart Tales — Who Are We?

Updated: Aug 26

Last time, I talked about how excited we were to get back to Ely Crafts Market. But this time, I wanted to give you a bit more insight into who we actually are.

Simon and I (Louise) met thanks to match.com 12 years ago. It was love at first sight, and we married shortly after that in 2009.

Although we were both interested in crafty stuff back then (I went to art school in my younger years), it didn’t really hit home for Simon until I bought him a woodturning experience day for his birthday.

After that, there was no turning back for him. He figured out everything he needed and we set up his workshop in our back garden.

So, what about me?

Well, I’ve always been into crafts. Like I briefly mentioned earlier, I went to art school in Cornwall. After that, I still drew, sketched, and painted in my free time (if I had any) but for the most part, I left the artsy world behind for a while and did “proper jobs”.

Until, Simon bought me a pottery day for my birthday. Amazingly, it was with a lady who lived pretty close to us so I was thrilled! It’s safe to say that the day re-ignited my passion for ceramics and pottery once again.

Over the course of a year or so, we set up my studio where I could make clay creations to my heart’s content.

We didn’t go into this wanting to make a business out of it as such, we just did everything because we had a serious passion for wood and clay. But, life does funny things to you and you end up in all sorts of crazy scenarios — and this was one of the good kinds of crazy.

Until next time!

Louise & Simon

Simon working on the lathe
Louise at work in the studio

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