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The Taggart Tales — Seascape Collection

We’ve found that people adore our seascape collection so we figured we should tell you a little bit more about it! Sound good? Great!

Our Inspiration

I (Louise) lived in Cornwall in my late teens and took so much inspiration from the Cornish coast. The breaking waves, the seaweed-covered rocks, and the salty skies were (and still are) my favourite things. Therefore, I just had to make a collection that featured this natural beauty.

Nowadays, it isn’t just the Cornish beaches and surf that inspires this. Since Simon and I moved to Norfolk, I’ve taken a lot of aspects from the coast near us and injected it into our pieces.

Some of them are simply clay with my blue, turquoise and white tactile design scattered around the rim, while others are both wood and ceramic combined.

We really love this collection and we’re so happy that it has been received well by all of you!

Until next time!

Louise & Simon

Pieces of work inspired by the sea

Sun setting on the beautiful beach

Detail of my seascape bowl

Hand-painted seascape silk scarf

Selection of our seascape pieces

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