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The Taggart Tales — Our Ely Market Family

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

As you may well know if you’ve seen our other posts, we’ve been back at Ely Market for a little while now — and we’re loving it. Yes, there are early starts and sometimes pretty poor weather but it’s great to see everyone, chat with our regulars, and always meet new, interesting people.

In actual fact, we were super excited last week since both Simon and I have been commissioned to make some beautiful pieces for some fabulous people. For the wood side of things, Simon was asked to make a Golden wedding anniversary bowl, a table centrepiece and more which you’ll be able to see for yourself over on our Instagram when they’re finished!

While Simon is busy creating these, I’m going to be hard at work completing some collaboration pieces for The Ely Gin Company and a few other traders. Exciting times for Blended Monkey — and our three wonderful friends below that you must check out (seriously, they’re amazing).

The Ely Gin Company

The Ely Gin Company was doing their thing before gin was cool. But since the rising trend of this tipple in all its forms, they’ve only managed to make it cooler. Yep, bet you didn’t think that was possible, did you?

Their range includes everything from chocolate orange gin to lemon gin and everything in between. Oh, not to mention that they have drastically diversified to bring you delicious vodka, infusion bags, ciders, mixers, and much more.

Oriolo Jewellery

We’ve made great friends with Hannah, the lovely lady behind Oriolo Jewellery and all its glory, since we’re located right behind her on the market! Her range is simply stunning and showcases something for everyone.

Whether you’re into bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, or even pashminas, you’ll find something breathtakingly beautiful.

Buster and Lou

If your best friend is your cat or dog, Buster and Lou will blow you away. There is so much to choose from including “I’d rather be with my cat” mugs, bowties for your dog, aprons, coasters, and even handmade masks now due to Covid-19’s impact. It’s a place where pet lovers unite. Trust us, you’ll feel right at home!

Until next time!

Louise & Simon

We offer lots of unique items to suit every budget
Our stall at the Saturday Ely Crafts Market

Some of our pieces are blends of wood and ceramic - we're very proud of our Seascape collection
Our Blended Monkey stall

We also sell greetings cards featuring our own designs and those of some other crafts people
Blended Monkey at the Saturday Ely Crafts market

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