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5 Best Creative Gifts for Dads

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts and experiences to shower your parent with. However, your dad is unlike any other so you have to find the most unique, creative and amazing gift.

Seems impossible really, doesn’t it? We promise you it isn’t! Purchasing a creative present for dad is just around the corner, take a look:

1. Custom Family Portrait

You can’t get any more personalised than ordering a family portrait by Etsy seller, NibiruDesign.

To create these masterpieces (which, by the way, can include pets too!) he requires a photo of your family and then uses digital painting tools to bring it to life. After he has worked his magic, the digital illustration will be sent to you for printing and framing!

2. Woodturning Day for Dad

Yes, shameless self-promotion. Sorry not sorry!

As you know if you’ve been here before, we offer exclusive one-to-one woodturning experiences that can be tailored to suit any ability. Oh, and we provide a traditional, farmhouse lunch too to keep hunger pangs at bay while your creative juices are flowing.

Whether your dad has had a go before, always wanted to try or has never even heard of it, he’ll absolutely want to come back for more.

3. Personalised Bracelet for Men

For those who have fashionista dads (should it be fasionisto for the men… who knows?), you can’t go wrong with this.

ForeverMy makes all their bracelets out of sturdy materials, with engravings on the sterling silver beads. You can write whatever you’d like on them but we suggest (and the shop suggests too) that you denote each bead to one family member.

Trust us, your fashion-conscious dad will love it!

4. Printable Father’s Day Coupons

If you’ve left it a bit late (sorry dad), these coupons are great since they don’t look last minute. In fact, they appear quite the opposite!

PapermaidStudio has managed to create a gift that is downloadable and completely customisable by you. So, although you aren’t doing the designing, you can still tell dad that it’s a handmade gift.

5. DIY Sweet Dispenser

On the other hand, you might have loads of time to spare before Father’s day! In which case, try putting together this sweet dispenser that will not only satisfy his sweet tooth but also provide endless fun.

This nifty idea came to Jen Woodhouse after participating in The Home Depot bottle opener game project. Essentially, it’s the same thing with an added sugar-coated twist.

The Bottom Line

Of course, you can find many more creative gifts for dads out there but, these are the ones that bring the most wow factor!

One of Simon's woodturned pieces
Fluted woodturned vase

Discover how to spindle turn and make bowls in just one day
Woodturning workshops here at Blended Monkey

Enjoy lunch in the tranquil and relaxing setting of the Blended Monkey gardens
The Blended Monkey gardens provide inspiration

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