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Pottery Tuition

Important information at a glance


1. All tools and materials are included. We have a selection of old shirts available, but the student may wish to bring their own smock/shirt/apron. It’s important that the student wears comfortable shoes and clothing.

2. Rings and bracelets will need to be removed during the workshop (they mark the clay, and you don’t want the clay ruining your jewellery either) – I can provide a pot to put them in if required.

3. Refreshments (tea/coffee/soft drinks) are available for all workshops, and a light, rustic farmhouse-style lunch will be provided for the full-day workshops.

4. The studio is equipped with a wedging table, extruder, large table for hand building, a Shimpo pottery wheel and a large top-loader kiln.

6. The tuition is either for one or a maximum of two people; this ensures that the student gets the maximum benefit from the day with no distractions.

7. The age limit is 16+, unless accompanied by an adult.

8. I am insured (IWW/5102205).

9. The student will be provided with a certificate of completion.

10. The student can choose four pieces to be fired and either collected or posted out to them.

11. We can advise of local accommodation for those wishing to stay overnight in the area.

Refreshments will be provided for all workshops, and a light, rustic farmhouse-style lunch is also included for those attending the 1-day workshop. Depending on the weather/time of year, lunch can be taken either out in the cottage garden or in our country kitchen which has a view over the garden. Those who prefer to have their lunch at our local pub (just a 5-minute walk away) can do so; just let us know and we'll deduct £10 per person from the tuition fee, and, if required, we can also reserve a table for you at the pub.



The sessions are hands-on, and the student will be able to use all the studio facilities (clay, various tools and print-making equipment, extruders, the pottery wheel etc.). At the end of the workshop, the student can choose up to 4 pieces that they wish to have glazed and fired. Once they have dried sufficiently, I will then biscuit fire, glaze and glaze fire the pieces. These can then be either collected by the student (if they live locally) or I can post them (I have to charge postage & packaging). Each student will also be provided with a certificate of completion.

Please understand that it takes a few weeks for pieces to dry thoroughly and for me to then biscuit fire, glaze and subsequently glaze fire them.


Send us an e-mail to or call us on 01945 772811 for more information or to discuss requirements. If you'd like this experience to be a gift for someone, you can also purchase 1/2-day or 1-day workshop gift vouchers from our online shop. We can advise of local accommodation for those wishing to include an overnight stay in the area.

Prices for one-to-one & one-to-two tuition packages


Half-day tuition (10:00 am – 1:00 pm or per arrangement)  £75.00 for 1/£145.00 for 2

One-day tuition with lunch  (10:00 am – 5:00 pm)                  £145.00 for 1/£270.00 for 2